The Ideal Nutrition Podcast

The Ideal Nutrition Podcast

I have thought about launching a podcast for a long time.

In 2014, a friend introduced me to podcasts.

I was kind of into self-improvement stuff at the time. He told me I should listen to a guy named Tim Ferriss.

Tim Ferriss in a chair posing

And while some of Tim’s nutrition content does not line up with my own thoughts, I honestly think it was a good intro into the podcast world for me.

As a fun fact, I got so into the whole self improvement and efficiency side of things, that I would listen to podcasts on 2x speed to try and learn more quickly (lol).

Back to Tim Ferriss though. He is a pro at podcasts. Like legit. He has some natural talent, in combination with having spent an excessive amount of time perfecting his craft.

He has mentioned how he has used the podcast to improve/reduce verbal ticks, as well as how much effort he puts into being a good interviewer. He put a LOT of effort into trying to get better. His audio quality is always on point too.

Eventually I broadened my interests. And obviously, I started listening to podcasts on nutrition and training.

Some of my favourite nutrition/training related podcasts include Sigma Nutrition Radio and Stronger by Science.

Stronger by science logo
Sigma Nutrition Radio

Both of those podcasts are quality too. The hosts are incredibly knowledgeable and in my opinion are great at sharing their messages in easy to consume ways.

Honestly one of the things that held me back from starting a podcast for a long time is that the podcasts I have typically listened to have been top quality.

I do not think I can put out something of anywhere near that level of quality. Plus the time commitment is huge to do it well. Most of the people I listen to probably spend >30 hours per week focused on podcast related tasks.

I have ambitions of working ~40hours per week total, including seeing clients, making Instagram posts and writing blog content.

With that in mind, I eventually came to terms with the fact that even though my content might not be as good as these people, and I might not spend as much time, it is still worth a crack creating and sharing anyway.

My goal with the podcast is not perfection. It is to create content in a way that people can consume easily. As I said, I like podcasts. Mainly because you can listen to them while doing other things. So my goal is to try to create nutrition content to the best of my ability, in that format, since it might be better suited for some people than the other formats I use.

It is not overly ambitious. It is just another avenue for trying to share some information I think will be helpful for people.

At this stage, the game plan is to co-host all episodes with Leah Higl, who also works at Ideal Nutrition. We will be doing episodes on individual nutrition topics, aiming for 15-30 minutes. We will probably do some Q&A episodes. And we might also interview some people.

If you want to listen, I encourage checking it out either on the website or by searching for it on whatever podcast platform you use.

And if you listen to it and enjoy, and use a platform that allows for ratings, a rating and review would be greatly appreciated.

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