Ideal Nutrition is an in-person and online dietitian service run by Aidan Muir and Tyler Brooks, who are Accredited Practising Dietitians based in Brisbane. Their biggest specialty is body composition manipulation, with a focus on helping people gain muscle or lose fat.

This has developed through their own interest in sports and strength training, with a particular focus on powerlifting, in combination with the experience gained working with clients. 

Aidan and Tyler perform consults either online, or face-to-face at Valhalla Strength in Brisbane.

There are two main goals of Ideal Nutrition:

  1. Help one on one clients achieve their goals by working with them to strategically plan their nutrition in a way that is individualised to their needs and preferences.
  2. Create evidence-based nutrition content that is beneficial on a wider scale, distributed through Instagram and the Ideal Nutrition Blog

Aidan Muir

Aidan is a dietitian who prides himself on staying up-to-date with evidence-based approaches to dietetic intervention. Dating back to well before starting uni he has been fascinated by all things nutrition, particularly the effects of different dietary approaches on body composition and sports performance. Due to this passion, he has built up an extensive knowledge base and experience in multiple areas of nutrition and is able to help clients with a variety of conditions.

Tyler Brooks Dietitian

Tyler Brooks

Tyler completed a Bachelor of Nutrition and Exercise Sciences and a Masters of Dietetics after moving away from a long career in the fitness industry. As part of his education he worked with dietitians at the Brisbane Broncos rugby league club, is currently working with the Qld Women’s Rugby 7’s team, and has continued to follow his passion for performance nutrition. Tyler also competes in powerlifting and experiments with his own diet to find the best ways to support training and body composition goals.