Ideal Nutrition is an in-person and online sole dietitian service run by Aidan Muir, who is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Sports Dietitian based in Brisbane. His biggest specialty is body composition manipulation, with a focus on helping people gain muscle or lose fat.

This has developed through his own interest in sports and strength training, with a particular focus on powerlifting, in combination with the experience he has gained working with clients. 

Over the years Aidan has worked as a dietitian in gyms, medical centres, dietetics practices, sporting teams, allied health clinics and home visit settings, giving him a wide range of experiences in almost all areas of nutrition.

Partly stemming from this diverse range of experiences, he has set-up Ideal Nutrition as a premium one on one consulting service where he can develop detailed nutritional plans that fit into his client’s lifestyles and effectively get them towards their goals.

Aidan performs consults either online, or face-to-face at Valhalla Strength in Brisbane.

There are two main goals of Ideal Nutrition:

  1. Help one on one clients achieve their goals by working with them to strategically plan their nutrition in a way that is individualised to their needs and preferences.
  2. Create evidence-based nutrition content that is beneficial on a wider scale, distributed through Instagram and the Ideal Nutrition Blog
Aidan the Dietitian