10 Nutrition Facebook Pages to Follow

Nutrition pages to follow on facebook

Over the last few years, I have noticed the activity of a lot of nutrition Facebook pages has dropped off significantly, which has dramatically narrowed this list down. My original notes from when I first had this idea had a list of almost 30 different pages, but a lot of them are either not active anymore, or their engagement has dropped off a cliff.

A large part of this is due to the Facebook algorithm, combined with the fact that it is so much easier to grow a following on Instagram (and even this has become more difficult over time, particularly in comparison to apps like TikTok). This means a lot of people are focusing more time and energy on their Instagram accounts, leaving Facebook as an afterthought. I’m still a believer that good content will thrive on Facebook, and I think all the people on this list tick that box quite comfortably. None of these are listed in any particular order.

Healthline Nutrition

Healthline Nutrition

Previously known as Authority Nutrition prior to being acquired by Healthline, this page is the largest one in this list, with 1.1 million followers. They share all of their articles on there and upload content on a very frequent basis. The best part about Healthline is that they pay their writers very well (which is extremely rare) in the attempt to create the best article available on the internet for whichever nutrition topic they are covering. All of their writers are university qualified and most are great at what they do. The only downside of this Facebook page is that they upload EVERY article they put out, and a lot of them won’t be in your direct area of interest.

Thinking NutritionThinking Nutrition

Tim Crowe has always been one of my idols when it comes to putting out good quality nutrition content on Facebook. I think it’s a shame that he has never given Instagram a proper crack utilising infographics, but luckily, that means that he is still putting out regular content on Facebook. He is well known for being current with the research and having an interesting perspective on recent studies. He has mastered the art of simplifying complex information while keeping it interesting and relevant for people who already have a decent level of nutrition knowledge.

Dietetically SpeakingMaeve Hanan Dietetically Speaking

Maeve Hanan is one of my more recent idols in the nutrition space, who has shown that it is worthwhile putting effort into a Facebook page if you are putting out good content, regardless of the algorithm. Her posts get great engagement in comparison to the number of followers/likes, due to how informative and well written they are. She provides a balanced view of things and puts context around nuanced topics. In addition to this, she also does great infographics that allow you to quickly interpret the information she is putting out, while also adding great captions for those who want more details.

Clinical DieteticsClinical Dietetics

This page deep-dives into specific nutrition topics/concepts at a level that is targeted so that it is informative for even the most educated dietitians. It is unique in that it covers a wide range of areas while going very in-depth in each post. At first, this did not seem like a concept that would be effective to me on social media. But it appears that people value the in-depth nature of this content and the guarantee that you are going to learn a lot by following Clinical Dietetics.

The Moderation MovementThe Moderation Movement

Want a break from diet talk and weight-centric approaches? The Moderation Movement is not exactly your classic nutrition and fitness Facebook page. It is one of the best HAES and non-diet approach pages out there. Zoe Nicholson and Jodie Arnot offer useful advice in a supportive manner. They consistently post positive content about food and movement. This page also provides a lot of food for thought in terms of alternative ways we can think about food and diets.

Diet Vs Disease with Joe LeechDiet vs Disease Joe Leech

Joe Leech covers a massive variety of nutrition topics on his Facebook page Diet vs Disease with Joe Leech. He is another person who creates very comprehensive articles on specific topics, which he shares on this Facebook page. In addition to this, he also posts informative videos on topics, which stems from his time doing video content for Authority Nutrition a few years ago. While he touches on a broad range of topics, his main focus is on digestive disorders and how an evidence-based lifestyle approach can help.

The Nutrition Guru and The ChefTara Leong Nutrition Guru and the chef

Tara Leong has one of the best writing styles out of all of these pages and does a great job of encouraging people to focus on the simple aspects of nutrition. The majority of her posts are incredibly sharable and resonate with a lot of people. She also has a heavy emphasis on calling out ineffective products and overhyped marketing. Her posts are likely saving a lot of people from spending time, money and effort on things that aren’t going to help them. While Tara does not have the most followers on this list, it looks to me like her page gets the highest engagement due to the community she has grown.

Dr Joanna McMillan-PriceDr Joanna Mcmillan-price

Joanna McMillan-Price is mostly well known for her popularity in the media due to featuring on shows such as The Today Show and ABC’s Catalyst. That being said, every now and then she shares great information on her Facebook page though, and I think it is worthwhile following for those occasions. For example, after The Game Changers was released, Joanna released an in-depth review of the documentary which was quite valuable. In addition to this, she also posts a lot of family-friendly recipes.

Dr Megan RossiDr Megan Rossi

Megan Rossi is THE go-to person for nutrition-related to gut-health. She goes deep into the evidence and shares everything you need to know about gut-health. While gut-health is a complex topic, Megan finds a way to keep it simple and puts out easy to interpret information as new research comes out. Her focus is clearly on Instagram and she shares the exact same posts on Facebook, but the quality is still high and her account has grown quickly. If you want to keep up with the latest information on gut-health, this is the account to follow.

Ideal Nutrition – Aidan MuirIdeal Nutrition Aidan Muir

I would be silly not to pitch my own Facebook page to finish this list off. If you value my thoughts or perspectives on nutrition, this is the place to go. I share things including blog posts from this website, short nutrition tips, my take on individual studies and infographics that could be insightful.

All of these accounts provide great content that either engages, entertains or educates on a consistent basis. While organic reach may have dropped off, these pages all still reach a lot of people and provide a lot of value to their audience.

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