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This is one of my favourite recipes that I am sharing with you! It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s most importantly, DELICIOUS and HEALTHY! How could you possibly say no to that?

I love adding this to my salads, particularly when I have a lot of green leaves (which I find can be quite boring in flavour but that’s just me!) I have become quite obsessed with olive oil since I started doing my research on the Mediterranean diet – I honestly put it on everything I can #noshame – so I couldn’t think of a better way to funk up my salads than with an extra virgin olive oil based salad.

So.. using extra virgin olive oil as my base – this salad dressing will spice up any salad for any occasion and all you need is the following:



Cassandra Bendall

Cassandra completed her Bachelor of Human Nutrition in 2015 at La Trobe University. Upon completion, Cassandra undertook her Honours year at La Trobe University the following year and ended the year with First Class Honours. Cassandra had the opportunity to work on the AusMed Heart Trial, which aims to prevent 12-month cardiac re-event rate using a Mediterranean diet intervention in a multi-ethnic cohort. Her Honours research focussed on the Effect of Mediterranean Diet on Visceral Fat in Australian Patients Post-Cardiac Event. Since cessation of her Honours year, Cassandra has been accepted into the Masters of Dietetic Practice at La Trobe University in 2017, which will allow her to fulfil her goal of becoming a clinical dietitian. At present, Cassandra is in the final stages of preparing to submit her systematic review for publication.

Cassandra’s areas of interest include: Mediterranean diet, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

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